Happy Friday!

Good morning lovely South Darleyers,

We’re leaving soon to go to see Rig’s project at Diamond Harbour.  We might not be back to blog again before you go home today so we just wanted to say thank you for following what we’ve been doing this week and for all your fabulous comments and questions- we’ve loved hearing from you and we hope you have felt part of what we’ve been doing.  Hastings is a very special place and we should be very proud to have a link with them…they are all South Darley’s children too.

We hope you keep looking at the blog over the weekend because we’re still here and doing things, including our second day of working with the teachers tomorrow.  We are very much looking forward to seeing you all though,

love from Miss Gill and Mrs M xxx

PS We shall be looking at ‘celebrating our week’ later to read about what you have all been up to.  Please could the Hastings children and Mrs Gupta have best work this morning- they’ve been working really hard and definitely deserve it!


5 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Good morning Miss Gill and Mrs M, I am really excited about you coming home. Did you give the toothbrushes to the children? Lots of love Emily


  2. Hello all at Hastings School – well done! Best work of the week to Mrs Gupta and all the Children at Hastings School. We know how hard Miss Gill and Mrs M make everyone work! The South Darley Celebrating our Week should be on the school website very shortly – with a special section on Hastings School and ‘looking back at last week’. lots of love from Mrs Manning


    1. Thank you, that’s brilliant- we’ll show Mrs Gupta in the morning and ask her to tell the children. xxx
      PS Lucas, some of the children came to school chewing sugar cane yesterday which isn’t a very healthy breakfast but is probably their favourite. Mostly they eat rice with some sauce made probably from lentils. x


    2. Hi Emily,
      yes, we’ve given all the things we brought to Hastings children now and they were so pleased with everything. I’m not sure who will end up taking which things home or maybe they will share things but all of you lovely South Darley people have been very generous and I wish you could see their faces.
      We are excited about coming home but very sorry to leave our children here…maybe I should start planning how many of them I can get into my suitcase now that it isn’t full of blankets and toothbrushes…! 😉


  3. Hello Miss Gill and Mrs M we have enjoyed hearing about you adventure and can see you have had a very busy but fun time too. We have been working hard doing our jobs learning about road safety and weight in Maths. Max did a fantastic presentation about cows as we learnt about dairy and beef cows. We look forward to your return and hearing more amazing stories. Mrs Fletcher and Miss Falconer had a very happy surprise when the beautiful flowers arrived at school for them we all became very excited. Mrs Fletcher and Miss Falconer sends a big thank you all the way to Hastings. Have a very safe journey home lots of love the Infants. xxxxxx

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