Blankets and fun with maths

This morning we spent another lovely few hours with the Hastings children.  We took the first of the blankets with us and they looked fantastic wrapped in them.  We’ll take some more on Thursday and give some to Rig to give to families that he knows will need them.  We did some work on reflective symmetry which was quite entertaining when they don’t speak English.  It involved the two of us mirroring each other doing silly actions for quite a while….such a shame there are no photographs of that!  Then the children completed some symmetrical pictures and coloured them and checked them with mirrors and then we gave them squared paper and lots of sticky shapes and gems for them to make their own.  They worked at it for ages and were very pleased with what they made.  Even the tiny one and the lady who lives where the school is (she’s the one in the pink scarf) joined in and some of the older children made extremely intricate patterns that were perfectly symmetrical.

We used a big dice with pockets to play some number games which was fun.  We kept making the numbers bigger and Bishal, who is very good at maths, could go right up into the hundreds numbers.

After dinner this evening all the teachers we came with have sat together to put the final touches to the first day of training we are doing with the CRS teachers tomorrow.  We think they are all amazing and we hope we can help them to do even more with their amazing children!




4 thoughts on “Blankets and fun with maths

  1. It looks like you’re having a really fun time. I think all of you’re photos are amazing. I remember learning symmetry as well. Love from William & Katie B x

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    1. Hi Max, Eli, James and Ethan,
      thank you for your prayers, we will tell the children.
      No Abi, I haven’t heard the score- what is it? We see parks full of children playing cricket here.
      Nancy, no the children haven’t learned about symmetry before. They loved using all the gems and coloured shapes we took and they made some lovely patterns.
      Eli, it was amazing when we arrived. They obviously remembered Miss Gill and had all dressed in their best for us. They are full of smiles and are very loving. They so love being given ANYTHING because they have nothing.
      Hi Florence, yes the children loved the puppets and were delighted when they knew they could keep them.
      No Max, there aren’t any tractors here in the middle of the city! There is every other kind of vehicle including lots of open topped jeeps with lots of people crowded into them.
      Imogen, we have just finished a day teaching all the teachers- we’ll tell you about it later…
      Archie, you wouldn’t believe how many dogs there are lying around on the pavements/ roads. They don’t seem to belong to anyone and obviously scavenge when and where they can. They sleep most of the time and nobody bothers them.


  2. I really like the pictures that the children made. They look very happy with their blankets too. What is the weather like there, how hot is it? Are you having a good time, we all miss you at school. Lilly Russell x


    1. These children are very happy and they really want to join in with everything we do. We’re taking more of the blankets for them today and we’ve told them that lots of children at South Darley and their families have made the blankets for them because we love them very much. The weather here is vey hot during the day but it does get cooler in the evening. We are having a fantastic time but we miss you too! xx


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