(P.S. While we have better wifi, here are some pictures from yesterday x)


9 thoughts on “(P.S. While we have better wifi, here are some pictures from yesterday x)

  1. What lovely pictures. We are wondering what the building is.

    We are currently in assembly reading this and the children have some questions for you:

    Where are you now? – Alfie

    What are you doing with the teddies I sent and how old are the children at the school? – Jacob

    What is your plan today with the children? – Evie

    Do the children know their times tables? – Alex

    Are there some new buildings near the school? – Nancy

    How hot is it? – Freddie

    Do the children like their blanket squares? – Martha

    What is the most beautiful thing you’ve seen so far? – Bella

    What is the best thing you have done so far? – Eva

    Lester and Mina (and the rest of us) hope the food is good and you are having a good time. We are looking forward to seeing you when you get back.


    1. Wow- that’s lots of questions! 🙂

      Right now we are in the hotel. We have just got back from our second day at Hastings School where we did some number work and reflective symmetry. The children could do asking and we used the signs which they liked a lot when we showed them how to turn then into crocodiles!

      There aren’t any buildings at all around school, just all the road bridges. The land belongs to the military and they take down any permanent structures so it’s just poles and plastic sheets. Rig says he has a plan for a building but I’m not sure how far away it would have to be.

      We took a couple of the blankets to school this morning which they loved and we’ll take the rest in Thursday. We’ve actually ended up lending half of them to the Derby University students who are working with us because the place they are staying is really cold at night- hopefully they will buy some of their own today and we can take ours and the teddies to school!

      The first building in those pictures is the memorial to Queen Victoria which is in a park opposite the cathedral. The second one is the temple that Mrs M was telling you about where there are spaces to worship Christian, Muslim or Hindu gods.

      I think the most beautiful thing we’ve seen so far was the river from the boat we went on on Sunday evening. It was a bit quieter than the middle of the city but with lots of lights along the shore and little temples south people praying or washing their clothes. It was also cooler in the evening- today it’s been about 26° but it cold of quite a lot later on.

      Hope that answers some of your questions but keep them coming-
      Lots of love Miss Gill and Mrs M xx


      1. From the Juniors,
        Thank you for answering our questions. We are loving hearing from you.
        Here are some things to tell you and ask:
        Eli, Max, James and Ethan – Yesterday at our retreat we ate smarties and said a prayer for the children of Kolkata.
        Abi – Do you know the cricket score?
        Nancy – Have the children learnt about symmetry before?
        Eli – What reaction did you get when you arrived at the school?
        Florence – Did the children like the Red Riding Hood puppets?
        Katie B – Do the children remember you?
        Max – Are there any tractors there?
        Imogen – Has the teacher learnt lots from you all?
        Archie – Are there any wild dogs or cats?
        Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you,
        Love, The Juniors, Mrs W, Mrs H and Mr S xx


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