Mrs Maynard’s first impressions…

Imagine this –  roads with little yellow taxis, battered buses, dilapidated cars, maniacs on motorbikes, tuk-tuks everywhere and men pulling rickshaws – all going in every direction all at the same time and honking their horns constantly!! That is the action on the streets of Kolkata – scarily fascinating! Miss Gill and I enjoy sitting in the front with ring side views.

So much colour – beautiful saris, fruits and vegetables on stalls along the roads .

Mongrel dogs lying everywhere sunbathing and chilling!

Desperate poverty on most streets – people with nothing trying to make something of their lives.

Went on the river Ganges today on a boat. We were heading for a temple which had 3 faiths – Christian, Hindu and Muslim. It was a lovely building that looked as though it had been made from clay. On the way I spotted a porpoise leaping about in the water – wow!

Really looking forward to meeting the children in Hastings school – we will send you photos tomorrow.


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