It’s 1am in Dubai amd we’re ready to board for the second leg of the journey. …1516397297306-1383714828.jpg


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  1. Thankyou it is just a little bit snowy today. I hope you’ve enjoyed your boat trip. I’ll look forward reading All about it thankyou bUt I will miss you from Finn xxx.

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  2. Hi Miss Gill and Mrs M, we are looking forward to hearing more of your fantastic stories. we can’t wait to see pictures of the children. Today we’re making yummy soup! xxxx


    1. Hello you lot, glad you’re having fun! We’ve just got back from our first day at Hastings School. It was amazing and we’ll blog properly later and tell you all about it. The children were so excited to see us and the parents had decorated with tinsel and balloons! The children sang a brilliant song all about being healthy so I made them do it again so I could film it to bring home for you! lots of love Miss Gill xxx


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